Windows 10 has a Maps app that allows you to search for locations, get turn-by-turn directions, and see points of interest anywhere you go. Knowing you won't have an internet connection on your pc, you may still begin using these features by downloading offline maps.

When you download these regional maps, you'll be able to get directions and search for places like restaurants and coffeeshops even when you're not connected to the internet. The fastest way to download maps is through the machine settings. Here's how.

1. Select Settings from the beginning menu.

2. Click System.

3. Select Offline maps.

4. Click the + button alongside "Download maps".

5. Choose the continent where your required country is situated. (Sorry, adventurers, Antarctica isn't supported.)

6. Choose the region you want to download. With respect to the area, you can download a whole country or you will need to drill right down to a smaller region (for example, with Canada and the USA).

7. Repeat for just about any additional regions you need to have as offline maps. You can download more maps while other maps are presently downloading.


The whole U.S.A: If you want to download all the maps for that USA, you are able to choose "All regions." It will require up over 4GB of space on your hard disk, however.
Multiple countries at the same time: If you wish to choose several country or region at any given time, click the multiple-option button at the base bar

After which check the regions you need to download en masse.

You can also do that in the settings menu from the Maps app itself, but it's an extra step and also the downloads won't start until you close the Maps app. Therefore it is just simpler to do it from the system Settings app.

After downloading the offline maps, you can use them in the Maps app even if you're in a location without internet. Some features, like the 3D view, aren't effective within the offline downloaded maps, but for just making your way around when you are traveling, Windows 10's offline maps can be quite helpful. The offline maps will also be automatically updated when your system is connected to Wi-Fi and connected.

Should you no longer need the downloaded map and you'd like to release some hard disk space, return to the Offline maps settings and select the maps to delete.

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