Microsoft will retire Windows 10 version 03, or Windows 10 April 20 Update, in November, therefore the company has started showing warnings in Windows Update on devices which are still running this old release.

A notification turning up on Windows 10 version 03 computers under Settings > Update amp; Security > Windows Update tells users that support for that version they're running is coming to an end and upgrading is the recommended option.

"You're currently running a form of Windows that's nearing the end of support. We recommend you update to the newest version of Windows 10 how to get the latest features and security improvements," this notification reads.

As far as users are worried, the one thing they need to do is allow the newer form of Windows 10 to set up on their devices. When the download isn't available already, checking for updates should get the necessary bits for moving to Windows 10 version 1903.

Update options

At this point, the only two versions newer than Windows 10 April 20 Update is version 09 (October 20 Update) and version 1903 (May 2019 Update). Windows 10 1903 is already available for download for all devices having a manual update, albeit some upgrade blocks continue to be in position if certain compatibility issues are discovered.

If the update to version 1903 doesn't appear having a manual check for updates, your device may be targeted by such an upgrade block.

Microsoft can also be on the point of release another feature update for Windows 10. Codenamed Windows 10 19H2, this version could land when tomorrow, as it'll be shipped by means of a cumulative update on Windows Update.

Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed the release date for Windows 10 19H2, but given its completion date was September, there's an opportunity the update has already been finalized and it is now prepared to ship.

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