October 2 may be the day when Microsoft will finally announce a number of upgrades because of its Surface line of products, and certainly, probably the most anticipated unveiling concerns the company's initial dual-screen device.

Codenamed Centaurus, this new Surface model has developed in the works for a minimum of a few years. Many called it the top Phone originally, however it was eventually learned that Microsoft no more wanted to invest in the phone hardware ecosystem and concentrate on the main purpose of the Surface series.

This dual-screen Surface includes two different displays which will support multiple form factors with an increase of screen estate. Named mode will obviously take advantage of the screen area of the two displays, but as far because the laptop mode is concerned, the most important details are not yet been determined.

Is Microsoft likely to allow another screen to double as a keyboard? Or will the company allow buyers to attach a Type Cover over one from the screens while using existing connector design?

Without a doubt, Microsoft stepping into the world of dual-screen devices is big news. Not only for that company itself, as well as the rest of the industry too. And it's all pretty much since the Redmond-based tech giant typically pioneers such form factors, with the remainder of the ecosystem then following in the footsteps with similar devices.

And yet, the dual-screen Microsoft Surface might not be Redmond's biggest announcement.

Things i believe is at least as vital is the ARM-powered Microsoft Surface.

While at this point the facts regarding this particular model are extremely scarce, it's basically confirmed that the ARM Surface is coming. And while I know that Windows 10 on ARM has to date failed to make an effect, this is exactly why Microsoft's first model insisting for this platform is really important.

First of all, it's because Microsoft launching an ARM-powered Surface shows the company doesn't wish to give up on this project. And when Microsoft itself invests in it, a lot of its partners is going to do exactly the same, which eventually means that many other laptops and 2-in-1s running Windows 10 on ARM should eventually see daylight.

Secondly, it's how much of an ARM-based Surface method for customers. ARM devices have mostly impressed in terms of battery life, with some models going up to 20 hours per charge. This is undoubtedly something that you don't hear every day, and I for just one would love a device with such a battery life.

But at the same time, Windows running on an ARM chip sometime proved a concept that's harder to do from a performance perspective. Not only that a leg system includes its very own limitations, but the performance of these devices doesn't reach the expectations of someone dedicated to the Windows 10 ecosystem.

Probably, Microsoft has worked with Qualcomm to squeeze every bit of performance in the Snapdragon chip the company uses on this Surface Pro, so it'll certainly be interesting to see the way the event runs. Since it all depends on the performance in the first place.

The ARM-based Microsoft Surface could be a hit if Microsoft gets it right, so in the long term, this particular model can provide the perfect mixture of performance, battery life, and the premium quality that you simply expect from a Surface device.

It won't take very long until we find out if Microsoft's ARM Surface is worth the cash, but if this project fails, there's a strong possibility that Windows 10 on ARM like a project is pretty much dead.

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