Microsoft's work on the new Chromium-based Edge browser advances at a fast pace, after it revealed a number of its short-term feature plans for the app, the company now confirmed another improvement that it has in mind.

Microsoft Edge will quickly sport support for Windows 10 Timeline, according to the Microsoft Edge dev team which took to Reddit to have an AMA session.

When asked if Microsoft plans to add Windows Timeline integration in Microsoft Edge, the team briefly answered that "we're actively working on it," with no other specifics offered for the time being.

Timeline is really a Windows feature that creates snapshots from the running apps, documents, and browser tabs and enables you to restore full sets of activities within a timeframe of 30 days.

With Timeline expanded beyond Windows, it's now easy to sync browsing sessions between Android and Windows 10, so with the addition of support for that Chromium engine, both of these platforms would work together even more seamlessly.

Timeline extension for Google Chrome

What's going to be interesting to find out is how Microsoft intends to integrate Windows Timeline support in the new Edge browser.

The original Timeline version only worked with the native Edge browser that comes pre-loaded on Windows 10, but extra time published in the Chrome Online store enabled similar functionality for Google Chrome as well.

Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed whether it plans to support Timeline in the new Edge with an extension or natively like a built-in feature, but there's an opportunity the company implements it at browser level, especially because the revamped Edge will end up the brand new default in Windows 10.

Without any specifics provided it's difficult to tell when Windows Timeline integration is projected to visit love Microsoft Edge users. At the same time, the organization hasn't shared details regarding if this aims to finalize the development work of the stable build of Microsoft Edge.

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