The Windows 10 October 20 Update has slowed down once again with regards to the pace of its rollout.

This really is according to the latest figures for April from AdDuplex, which reveal that the October 20 Update has become running on 29.3% of PCs (as measured by the firm's ads which are displayed in Microsoft Store apps, having a sample size in excess of 100,000).

Compare that to March, when the October 20 Update was on 26.4%, and you may observe that the increase in adoption didn't quite reach 3%. From February to March, there is a 5.2% increase in adoption from the upgrade, as well as in January, we witnessed much more of a leap of 8.8%.

So as you can observe, because the months have rolled on since the oncoming of 2019, the interest rate of adoption has gradually slowed to the level where it's back to a crawl, and also the speed it was moving finally year (when the update was famously paused to find the best a part of per month, which hardly helped things).

As always, we have to keep in mind case some sample statistics, so not really a definitive overview by any means, however it certainly paints a rather dire picture of products for Microsoft, since October 20 Update still hasn't even reached 30% of PCs.

And with the May 2019 Update taking the baton later next month, the October 20 Update is effectively going to exhaust road.

Missing by a mile

Previously, AdDuplex had speculated that the October 20 Update wouldn't reach 1 / 2 of PCs prior to the next upgrade came out, and people began to jump straight to that instead. However, it seems that the October offering will barely reach another of Windows 10 machines, let alone half.

Talking about the May 2019 Update, that's already on 0.8% of PCs, which represents the ranks of testers testing out the update before its official release (that is expected to happen later in May).

Microsoft is taking its time using the May 2019 Update to ensure that it gets things right, and avoids any nasty gremlins within the works like that we witnessed using the halting from the October 20 Update (namely a scary file deletion flaw).

And for starters that means curing the worrying obstacle that the May 2019 Update has hit with USB drives, whereby drive letters - including internal system drives - can be reassigned with potential nasty complications.

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