Microsoft has released a new feature for its Chromium-based browser to make it easier for users to tell when they are navigating the browser in incognito and when they aren't.

At this time, should you launch the InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge browser, the only difference from a standard window is that it uses a dark visual style.

However with Edge also having a dark mode too, it may be hard for users to inform which window is which, so Microsoft is focusing on adding a tag in the InPrivate window to learn effectively to distinguish the browsing modes.

As reported on reddit, the most recent version of Microsoft Edge Canary already includes this InPrivate mode indicator in the status bar, also it turns up whenever you launch a browser window within the incognito mode.

Arriving Dev build of Edge within the next updates

The dark theme continues to be used, so when firing in the InPrivate Browsing mode, you're provided with a lot of what data is saved and what is not.

"When you browse InPrivate, Microsoft Edge will delete browsing info once you've closed all InPrivate tabs. While other people by using this device won't see your browsing activity, your school, workplace, and isp may still be able to," this message reads, adding that browsing history, cookies and data, passwords, addresses, and other form entries wouldn't be saved.

Exactly the same feature is projected to make its way to the Dev build of Microsoft Edge in the next little while. If you wish to try it out at this time, you have to install Microsoft Edge Canary on Windows 10 - version or newer is required for the InPrivate tag to be displayed within the status bar.

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