Microsoft has revealed the official icon of the upcoming Windows Terminal, a Windows tool announced in the Build developer conference and due in preview later this summer.

Windows Terminal is supposed to completely overhaul the command line in Windows 10, because it includes all the benefits of Command Prompt (cmd.exe), PowerShell, and WSL in one place.

Announced with much fanfare at Build in May, Windows Terminal generated a great deal of excitement within the Windows userbase, and it is debut has become one of the very most anticipated moments of the season for Microsoft users.

As the work on rolling out a testing form of Windows Terminal continues, Microsoft recently revealed the official icon that the app will use if this goes live for Windows users.

The push for rounded corners

As you can see within the photo here, the Windows Terminal icon uses the same modern approach as Microsoft's latest icons, and it's based on Fluent Design with a hint of larger changes that may make their way to more apps across Windows 10.

For example, the rounded corners seem to become a key part of Microsoft's updated design language in Windows 10, as the clients are believed to be abandoning sharp corners, which powered the Metro UI in Windows, for a rounded version.

Microsoft is very keen on updating its icon collection with a modern design, and living proof is the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The company rolled out new icons for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel earlier this year, while new designs for Publisher and Access are presently being tested with help from insiders.

All these icons are pushed towards the platforms where the apps can be found, as Microsoft is targeting more consistency overall.

Windows Terminal is already on GitHub, but users need to manually compile it ought to they would like to try it out before the public launch from the preview version.

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