Among the features that Microsoft is working on for that new Microsoft Edge browser is a blocker targeted at auto-playing media, a company engineer confirmed.

Kyle Pflug, who's part of the Microsoft Edge team, confirmed on Twitter the company is already developing a feature that would block media that begins playing automatically on page load.

The behavior is going to be available either like a global feature, which means all auto-playing media is going to be blocked, or as part of a per-site rule, giving users additional control within the content they want to block.

"We're focusing on adding a worldwide and per-site setting similar to what we have in the current version of Edge," he explained on Twitter.

Blocking auto-playing media is a feature that's already available not only in other browsers available on the market, but additionally within the original form of Microsoft Edge too. This form of Edge is provided on Windows 10 as a native browser.

Preview builds on Windows and Mac

While there's no ETA as to when the feature could land within the Chromium-based browser, it shouldn't take too long for this to happen, especially as the app receives updates daily within the Canary channel and weekly for that Dev build.

At this time, only preview versions of Microsoft Edge can be downloaded, with support currently offered on Windows 10 and macOS. Microsoft said hello would also release Microsoft Edge preview builds targeted at older versions of Windows, because the transition to Chromium makes it possible for the app also to run on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

No specifics can be found regarding the release date from the stable Microsoft Edge browser, but Microsoft obviously provides extensive try to do, as several major features continue to be missing. If the development advances as planned, Edge may go love Windows users later this season.

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